BIOS & IPMI Downloads

sum (Supermicro Update Manager)
./sum -i ${BMC_IP} -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c UpdateBios --file /root/bin/bios/${BIOS_FW}

# load bios defaults
./sum -i ${BMC_IP} -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c LoadDefaultBiosCfg

# get sata info
./sum -i ${BMC_IP} -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c GetSataInfo

# get default BIOS settings
./sum -i ${BMC_IP} -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c GetDefaultBiosCfg --file supermicro_default.xml

# get current BIOS settings
./sum -i ${BMC_IP} -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c GetCurrentBiosCfg --file supermicro_current.txt

./sum -l SList.txt -u ADMIN -p ADMIN -c LoadDefaultBiosCfg

./sum -i -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c GetSataInfo
./sum -i -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c GetDefaultBiosCfg --file /tmp/GetDefaultBiosCfg.txt
./sum -i -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c GetCurrentBiosCfg --file /tmp/GetCurrentBiosCfg.txt
./sum -i -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c GetBiosInfo
./sum -i -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c LoadDefaultBiosCfg
./sum -i -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c ChangeBiosCfg --file /tmp/GetDefaultBiosCfg.output --skip_unknown --skip_bbs
./sum -i -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c GetCurrentBiosCfg --file /tmp/Supermicro_X11DPT-PS_optimized.xml
# load bios settings
./sum -i -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -c ChangeBiosCfg --file /tmp/X11DPT-PS_3.0a_ew.xml --reboot

Supermicro Recovery BIOS
1. Download the latest BIOS from our web site and rename it to SUPER.ROM, put SUPER.ROM and afudos.exe into an USB Flash Drive.
2. Attached this USB Flash Drive to rear USB port, and press power button to power the system up.
3. When system powers on, press hot key Ctrl + Home.
4. System will read recovery image and starts BIOS recovery flash operation.
5. When BIOS recovery flash completed, system will reset automatically.

IPMI Supermicro management
# install
wget -q -P /tmp/
unzip /tmp/IPMICFG_*.zip -d /tmp/
chmod +x /tmp/IPMICFG_*/Linux/64bit/IPMICFG-Linux.x86_64
/tmp/IPMICFG_*/Linux/64bit/IPMICFG-Linux.x86_64 -m
sudo cp /tmp/IPMICFG_*/Linux/64bit/IPMICFG-Linux.x86_64 /usr/local/sbin/ipmicfg

Supermicro flash IPMI
./AlUpdate -f SMT_X11AST2500_155.bin -i lan -h ${BMC_HOST} -u ${BMC_USER} -p ${BMC_PASS} -r n