PS3 Media Server on Synology DiskStation DS411+

# login as root to your DS411
ssh root@<YOUR_DS411_IP>
# download lastest java
wget -O /tmp/java.bin
# extract
cd /tmp
sh /tmp/java.bin
# move to right place
mv /tmp/jre1.6.0_*/ /usr/java
# get PMS
wget -P /tmp
# extract
tar xzf /tmp/pms-generic-linux-unix-1.*.tgz
# move
mv /tmp/pms-linux-1.*/ /usr/pms
# set port to 5002
cat <<EOF> /usr/pms/PMS.conf
# create start script
cat <<EOF> /etc/rc.pms 
# set envirment
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java
export PMS_HOME=/usr/pms
# start PMS server
cd /usr/pms
./ > /tmp/pms.log
#!/bin/sh -e
sh /etc/rc.pms
exit 0
# PMS.conf parameter
folders = (path of folders PMS should deliver to PS3)
hostname = (IP address of server - some people have reported setting this address manually has allowed PMS to appear on the PS3)
port = (port number - defaults to 5001 but can be changed by entering a value here)
language = (specify language to use - unsure how this works)
thumbnails = (true/false - display thumbnails)
thumbnail_seek_pos = (1 - nnn - specify how far into track thumbnail to display is (I think))
nbcores = (unsure of purpose but appears to relate to the number of cores your servers CPU has)
turbomode = (true/false - unsure of purpose but appears to relate to a turbo mode)
minimized = (true/false - start minimised or not - N/A for headless systems)
hidevideosettings = (true/false - hide the video settings option from being displayed on the PS3)
usecache = (true/false - display media libray - the best setting to enable)
charsetencoding = (character set to use - 850 is default)
engines = (transcoding engine to use - mencoder, AviSynth/FFmpeg, AviSynth/MEncoder, TsMuxer)
autoloadsrt = (true/false - unsure of purpose)
network_interface = (set the interface name - if you have more than one)
hide_extensions = (true/false - hide file extension)
hide_enginenames = (true/false - hide the names of the transcoding engines - I've never seen the engine names displayed except when hidevideosettings is set to true)
enable_archive_browsing = (true/false - browse archive files (zip, rar, etc)


The server does not start!

I get this error message with the start of the server.
==> Start the Server with
sh /etc/rc.pms

./ exect:line 48: /usr/java/bin/java: Permission denied

Which I must with diem command making!!!
=== > vi/etc/rc.local ????

Thanks now already for the answer.
My Enschlish is not so good. Excuse me.

try this command

try this command before:
chmod a+x /usr/java/bin/java

still the same problem.

I entered this comando.
Instruction was implemented.
However still the same problem has.

what am I to make?

In order to help you need to

In order to help you need to connect with the account root.
Then you can make the test manually with the following command:
NAS> cd /usr/pms/
NAS> export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java
NAS> export PMS_HOME=/usr/pms
NAS> ./
GUI environment no available
Switching to console mode
[main] TRACE 15:42:21.020 Starting Java PS3 Media Server v1.20.412

If it s working just make sure your pms start as root

For me i have one problem regarding the mkv file. Since the PS3 cannot read mkv i thought that pms will help me to read them but i can t find the solution. If someone can help let me know.

Syntax error

When running:
I get this error: "/usr/java/bin/java: line 1: syntax error: unexpected "("

What do I do wrong?

I've done all these steps but

I've done all these steps but the PMS works in frames on big files...did anyone experienced the same pb ?
Are there any solutions ?

Same For Me

I install PMS on my DS411+ and i notice that i can t read MKV files.
Can someone help me i can provide all information

Thanks in advance.

PS3 Media Server on Synology DiskStation DS411+

Please can somebody help me with installation of PMS?

Please can somebody help me

Please can somebody help me with installation of PMS?