PS3 Media Server on Synology DiskStation DS411+

Anonymous (not verified)

29. December 2010 - 12:31

I've done all these steps but the PMS works in frames on big files...did anyone experienced the same pb ?
Are there any solutions ?

I install PMS on my DS411+ and i notice that i can t read MKV files.
Can someone help me i can provide all information

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous (not verified)

9. January 2011 - 17:21

I get this error message with the start of the server.
==> Start the Server with
sh /etc/rc.pms

./ exect:line 48: /usr/java/bin/java: Permission denied

Which I must with diem command making!!!
=== > vi/etc/rc.local ????

Thanks now already for the answer.
My Enschlish is not so good. Excuse me.

In order to help you need to connect with the account root.
Then you can make the test manually with the following command:
NAS> cd /usr/pms/
NAS> export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java
NAS> export PMS_HOME=/usr/pms
NAS> ./
GUI environment no available
Switching to console mode
[main] TRACE 15:42:21.020 Starting Java PS3 Media Server v1.20.412

If it s working just make sure your pms start as root

For me i have one problem regarding the mkv file. Since the PS3 cannot read mkv i thought that pms will help me to read them but i can t find the solution. If someone can help let me know.

When running:
I get this error: "/usr/java/bin/java: line 1: syntax error: unexpected "("

What do I do wrong?

# login as root to your DS411
ssh root@

# download lastest java
wget -O /tmp/java.bin

# extract
cd /tmp
sh /tmp/java.bin

# move to right place
mv /tmp/jre1.6.0_*/ /usr/java

# get PMS
wget -P /tmp

# extract
tar xzf /tmp/pms-generic-linux-unix-1.*.tgz

# move
mv /tmp/pms-linux-1.*/ /usr/pms

# set port to 5002
cat < /usr/pms/PMS.conf

# create start script
cat < /etc/rc.pms

# set envirment
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java
export PMS_HOME=/usr/pms

# start PMS server
cd /usr/pms
./ > /tmp/pms.log

#!/bin/sh -e
sh /etc/rc.pms
exit 0

# PMS.conf parameter
folders = (path of folders PMS should deliver to PS3)
hostname = (IP address of server - some people have reported setting this address manually has allowed PMS to appear on the PS3)
port = (port number - defaults to 5001 but can be changed by entering a value here)
language = (specify language to use - unsure how this works)
thumbnails = (true/false - display thumbnails)
thumbnail_seek_pos = (1 - nnn - specify how far into track thumbnail to display is (I think))
nbcores = (unsure of purpose but appears to relate to the number of cores your servers CPU has)
turbomode = (true/false - unsure of purpose but appears to relate to a turbo mode)
minimized = (true/false - start minimised or not - N/A for headless systems)
hidevideosettings = (true/false - hide the video settings option from being displayed on the PS3)
usecache = (true/false - display media libray - the best setting to enable)
charsetencoding = (character set to use - 850 is default)
engines = (transcoding engine to use - mencoder, AviSynth/FFmpeg, AviSynth/MEncoder, TsMuxer)
autoloadsrt = (true/false - unsure of purpose)
network_interface = (set the interface name - if you have more than one)
hide_extensions = (true/false - hide file extension)
hide_enginenames = (true/false - hide the names of the transcoding engines - I've never seen the engine names displayed except when hidevideosettings is set to true)
enable_archive_browsing = (true/false - browse archive files (zip, rar, etc)