Recreate OVS octavia port

source /etc/kolla/
echo "Download Amphora image"
[ -f ${IMGDIR}/amphora-x64-haproxy.raw ] || wget -qO- \ | bzip2 -d > ${IMGDIR}/amphora-x64-haproxy.raw
echo "Deploy Amphora image for Octavia"
openstack image create Amphora \
  --file ${IMGDIR}/amphora-x64-haproxy.raw \
  --disk-format raw \
  --min-disk 0 \
  --min-ram 0 \
  --private \
  --protected \
  --tag amphora \
  --property os_distro=Ubuntu \
  --property os_admin_user=ubuntu \
  --property os_version="18.04"
#echo "Remove Amphora image"
echo "Creating Octavia LB mgmt network"
  openstack network create lb-mgmt-net \
    -f value -c id
echo "Creating Octavia LB mgmt subnet"
  openstack subnet create lb-mgmt-subnet1 \
    --network lb-mgmt-net \
    --subnet-range \
    --allocation-pool start=,end= \
    -f value -c id
echo "Creating Flavors for Octavia"
  openstack flavor create octavia \
    --disk 10 \
    --private \
    --ram 2048 \
    --vcpus 2 \
    -f value -c id
echo "Create Octavia security group"
  openstack security group create octavia \
    -f value -c id
echo "Create Octavia security rules"
openstack security group rule create --protocol icmp $OCTAVIA_AMP_SECGROUP_LIST
openstack security group rule create --protocol tcp --dst-port 5555 --egress $OCTAVIA_AMP_SECGROUP_LIST
openstack security group rule create --protocol tcp --dst-port 9443 --ingress $OCTAVIA_AMP_SECGROUP_LIST
echo "Assigning roles for cloud-admin 'admin'"
openstack role add admin \
  --user admin \
  --domain Default
echo "Add Octavia SSH key"
# todo: openstack keypair create CLI dont allow to upload key for specific user
# openstack keypair create --pub-key=/etc/kolla/config/foo/octavia/ --user $(openstack user show octavia --domain Default -f value -c id) octavia_ssh_key
nova keypair-add octavia_ssh_key \
  --pub-key=/etc/kolla/config/foo/octavia/ \
  --user $(openstack user show octavia --domain Default -f value -c id)
echo "Octavia IDs to be added to inventory"
sed -i "s|^octavia_amp_boot_network_list: .*|octavia_amp_boot_network_list: ${OCTAVIA_AMP_BOOT_NETWORK_LIST}|g" ${KOLLA_CONF}
sed -i "s|^octavia_amp_secgroup_list: .*|octavia_amp_secgroup_list: ${OCTAVIA_AMP_SECGROUP_LIST}|g" ${KOLLA_CONF}
sed -i "s|^octavia_amp_flavor_id: .*|octavia_amp_flavor_id: ${OCTAVIA_AMP_FLAVOR_ID}|g" ${KOLLA_CONF}
(cd /etc/kolla && kolla-ansible -i inventory reconfigure -t octavia)
for CTL_HOST_NAME in $(openstack network agent list --agent-type l3 -c Host -f value); do
    OS_AZ=$(echo ${CTL_HOST_NAME} | cut -d"-" -f1 | sed 's/[^0-9]*//g')
    CTL_NO=$(echo ${CTL_HOST_NAME} | cut -d"-" -f2 | sed 's/[^0-9]*//g')
    CTL_HOST_MAC=$(echo 00:1b:1b:00:00:${OS_AZ}${CTL_NO})
    # Create Octavia port in OpenStack
      openstack port create octavia-health-manager-${CTL_HOST_NAME}-listen-port \
        --security-group octavia \
        --device-owner Octavia:health-mgr \
        --host=${CTL_HOST_NAME} \
        --network lb-mgmt-net \
        --fixed-ip subnet=$(openstack subnet show lb-mgmt-subnet1 -f value -c id),ip-address=${CTL_HOST_IP} \
        --mac-address=${CTL_HOST_MAC} \
        -c id -f value
    # Create interface on compute nodes
    ssh ${CTL_HOST_NAME} docker exec openvswitch_vswitchd ovs-vsctl -- --may-exist add-port br-int o-hm0 -- \
      set Interface o-hm0 type=internal -- \
      set Interface o-hm0 mac=\\\"${CTL_HOST_MAC}\\\" -- \
      set Interface o-hm0 external-ids:iface-status=active -- \
      set Interface o-hm0 external-ids:iface-id=${CTL_HOST_PORT_ID} -- \
      set Interface o-hm0 external-ids:skip_cleanup=true -- \
      set Interface o-hm0 external-ids:attached-mac=${CTL_HOST_MAC}
    # workaround
    if [ "${OS_ENV}" == "dev" ]; then
        ssh ${CTL_HOST_NAME} docker restart neutron_l3_agent
	sleep 10
# list Octavia ports
openstack port list --project admin --device-owner Octavia:health-mgr