OpenStack: compute


# list hypervisor details
openstack hypervisor list --long
# list VMs on all hypervisor
openstack server list --all --long  -c ID -c Name -c Host
# list VMs on specific hypervisor
openstack server list --all -c Name -f value --host ${COMPUTE_NODE}
# get VM count by hypervisor
openstack server list --all --long  -c Host -f value | sort | uniq -c
# list compute nodes
openstack compute service list
# list compute service
openstack compute service list --host ${OS_NODE}
# disable compute service
for OS_SERVICE in $(openstack compute service list --host ${OS_NODE} -c Binary -f value); do
    openstack compute service set --disable --disable-reason "Maintenance" ${OS_NODE} ${OS_SERVICE}
# Search for server witch status error
openstack server list --all --status ERROR
# Search for server with status resizing
openstack server list --all --status=VERIFY_RESIZE
# List instances / VMs
openstack server list
openstack server list -c ID -c Name -c Status -c Networks -c Host --long


# Search for server processes on wrong compute node
for COMPUTE_NODE in $(openstack compute service list --service nova-compute -c Host -f value); do
    for UUID in $(ssh ${COMPUTE_NODE} pgrep qemu -a | grep -o -P '(?<=-uuid ).*(?= -smbios)'); do
        VM_HOST=$(openstack server show -c "OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:host" -f value ${UUID})
        if [ -z "${VM_HOST}" ]; then
            echo "Server process ${UUID} on ${COMPUTE_NODE} not available in OpenStack"
            if [ "${VM_HOST}" != "${COMPUTE_NODE}" ]; then
                echo "VM ${UUID} on wrong compute node ${COMPUTE_NODE}"

Remove compute service / server

openstack compute service list
openstack compute service delete ${SERVICE_ID}

Manually rebalance VMs

# show hypervisor usage
openstack hypervisor list --long
# get processes with uses swap
grep VmSwap /proc/*/status | grep -v " 0 kB"
# get VMs with high CPU usage
ssh com2-dev
ps -eo cmd --sort="-%cpu" --no-headers | head -5 | grep -o -P '(?<=-uuid ).*(?= -smbios)'
openstack server show ${SEVER_ID}
# live migrate VM to specific hypervisor
openstack server list --all --status ACTIVE --host comX-stage | grep large
openstack server migrate --os-compute-api-version 2.30 --live-migration --wait --host comX-stage ${SEVER_ID}


openstack aggregate list
openstack aggregate show 9
openstack aggregate add host 9 com10-stage