MagentoConnector - Connecting to Magento API with Java using SOAP

# continuation on github

Project Magja on Google Code:

Magento Connector for Java, a free wrapper / library to manage Magento informations from a Java application. The latest version (source code) can be downloaded from

If someone is interested in co-development, please contact my over my homepage,

How to start:
1. create Magento API role and user

2. Extend / patch Magento API (for Attribute)

2. get Axis Libary (download and extract)
copy axis2/lib to /usr/share/java/axis2

configure Eclipse
right click on you new project
File > Properties
Java Build Path
Add Library
User Library
[ User Libraries... ]
[ New... ]
User library name: axis2
Add JARs
select all jars in /usr/share/java/axis2
[ OK ]
[ Finish ]
Tab: Order and Export
check axis2
[ OK ]

3. get MagentoConnection current cource code from

File > New > Other...
SVN > Checkout Projects from SVN
Next >
Create a new repository location
Next >
Select ""
Next >
Java Project
Next >>
Project name: magja
Open assoziated Perspective: Yes
Confirm Overwrite: OK

Right click on magja
Maven >
Enable Dependency Management

# View SVN Repositories in Eclipse
Window > Show View > SVN Repositories

# Links - Java Connector for Magento API - Java initial source code - Axis2 1.5 Release (Axis2 Library) - Connecting to Magento with SOAP