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Configure file association / default application for file

# global system configuration

# user configuration

sed -i 's|totem.desktop|vlc.desktop|g' /etc/gnome/defaults.list

sudo sed -i 's|totem.desktop|vlc.desktop|g' /etc/gnome/defaults.list


# Links

Strato HiDrive under Ubuntu

# create OpenVPN tunel
wget -P /tmp
unzip /tmp/ -d /tmp/
cd /tmp/OpenVPN_config/
sudo openvpn /tmp/OpenVPN_config/

# smb (works only with OpenVPN tunel)

# ssh

# rsync
rsync -avzre "ssh" LOCAL_DIR

# webdav
Nautilus: dav://

Play BlueRay disc with Linux

Play BlueRay discs with Linux

# new 2
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install build-essential libc6-dev libssl-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libqt4-dev

cd /tmp

tar -xvf makemkv_v1.6.3_bin.tar.gz
tar -xvf makemkv_v1.6.3_oss.tar.gz

cd /tmp
cd makemkv_v1.6.3_oss
sudo make -f makefile.linux
sudo make -f makefile.linux install

cd /tmp
cd makemkv_v1.6.3_bin
sudo make -f makefile.linux

Kyocera FS-1010

Download PPD files for kyocera printer
wget -P /tmp/
unzip /tmp/ -d /tmp

# create new printer
lpadmin -p Kyocera_FS1010 -v socket:// -E -P "/tmp/PPD's_KSL_8.4/German/Kyocera_Mita_FS-1010_de.ppd"
#-o PageSize=A4


#wget -P /tmp

Preseed Debian / Ubuntu installation

Pressed on GitHub

pressed install under kvm
wget -O - | bash -

wget -q -O /tmp/UbuntuNetInstall.iso
kvm -m 512 -hda /dev/sda -cdrom /tmp/UbuntuNetInstall.iso -boot d

Install UPnP server

Preseed auto RAID1 LVM

DataLogic QuickScan QS6500 with Ubuntu as USB Keyboard

download configuration codes

reset to factory default (Page 3)
scan: Return handheld to factory defaults

configure as USB Keyboard
Interface Selection (Page 30 / 33)
scan: START
scan: USB Keyboard
scan: END

OPTIONAL, configure Keyboard Layout (Page 53 / 54)

Kernel options

from Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt

set your framebuffer resolution to VESA mode xxx. (

acpi=off OR noacpi
This parameter disables the whole ACPI system. This may prove very useful, for example, if your computer does not support ACPI or if you think the ACPI implementation might cause some problems (for instance random reboots or system lockups)


SheevaPlug HDD susped with hdparm (Hard drive sleep mode)

sudo apt-get install -y hdparm
cat <<EOF>> /etc/hdparm.conf
/dev/sda {
   spindown_time = 240
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