Check OpenvSwitch

export OS_ENV="@globals.environment@"
if [ "${OS_ENV}" == "dev" ]; then
    export PYENV_ROOT="$HOME/.pyenv"
    export PATH="$PYENV_ROOT/bin:$PATH"
    eval "$(pyenv init -)"
source /etc/kolla/
# search for broken ovs entry in DB
for NODE in $(openstack compute service list -c Host -f value | sort -u); do
    OUTPUT=$(ssh ${NODE} docker exec openvswitch_vswitchd ovsdb-client dump | grep qvo | egrep -v "tag|mac" | cut -d "\"" -f2)
    for PORT in ${OUTPUT}; do
        printf "%-20s %s\n" "${NODE}" "${PORT}"

OpenVswitch: cleanup interfaces without tap device

Show bridges without tab device

brctl show | egrep "qvb|tap" | sed '$!N;/\n.*tap/d;P;D' | awk '{print substr($1,4,8)}'

Get interface details

# show port details
docker exec openvswitch_vswitchd ovsdb-client dump | grep ${TOKEN}
# get OVS port
docker exec openvswitch_vswitchd ovs-vsctl list-ports br-int | grep ${TOKEN}
# get OVS interface
docker exec openvswitch_vswitchd ovs-vsctl list-ifaces br-int | grep ${TOKEN}
# show host bridges
brctl show | grep ${TOKEN}
# show host interfaces
ip a | grep ${TOKEN}

Delete interface

LXD with OpenvSwitch network

# create bridge
ovs-vsctl add-br mybridge
# ifconfig mybridge up
ip link set mybridge up
ovs-vsctl show
# connect ovs bridge to external network
ovs-vsctl add-port mybridge eno1
ifconfig eno1 0
dhclient mybridge -v
ip a show mybridge
route -n
# create LXD container
lxc profile create disk-only
lxc storage create pool1 dir
lxc profile device add disk-only root disk path=/ pool=pool1
lxc profile show disk-only
lxc launch ubuntu:18.04 ovs1 -p disk-only
lxc config device add ovs1 eth0 nic nictype=bridged parent=mybridge host_name=vport11
lxc launch ubuntu:18.04 ovs2 -p disk-only
lxc config device add ovs2 eth0 nic nictype=bridged parent=mybridge host_name=vport12
lxc network list

Open vSwitch (OVS)

ovs-vsctl -- --may-exist add-port br-int o-hm0 -- \
set Interface o-hm0 type=internal -- \
set Interface o-hm0 external-ids:iface-status=active -- \
set Interface o-hm0 external-ids:attached-mac=${CTL_HOST_MAC} -- \
set Interface o-hm0 external-ids:iface-id=${PORT_ID} -- \
set Interface o-hm0 external-ids:skip_cleanup=true

ovs-vsctl -- del-port br-int o-hm0

Create port
openvswitch_vswitchd ovs-vsctl -- --may-exist add-port br-int my-port1 -- \
set Interface o-hm0 type=internal -- \