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Fix Octavia LB provisioning_status from PENDING_UPDATE or ERROR to ACTIVE

Show Loadbalancer state
# List all LoadBalancer
openstack loadbalancer list

# List LoadBalancer details
openstack loadbalancer show 0ce30f0e-1d75-486c-a09f-79125abf44b8

# List LoadBalancer VMs details
openstack loadbalancer amphora list --loadbalancer 0ce30f0e-1d75-486c-a09f-79125abf44b8

# List all Octavia LB / VMs
openstack server list --all --long --name amphora --os-cloud=dev-admin

Manual update provisioning_status from PENDING_UPDATE / ERROR state to ACTIVE in Octavia Database

OpenStack: flavor

# list all flavors
openstack flavor list --sort-column Name --all

# create
openstack server create --flavor m1.small --image "Ubuntu 18.04" --nic net-id=foo-network --security-group default --key-name foo-key foo-vm1

Formated output
for FLAVOR in $(openstack flavor list --sort-column Name -c Name -f value); do
echo ${FLAVOR}
openstack flavor show ${FLAVOR}

delete all flavors
openstack flavor list --all -c ID -f value | xargs openstack flavor delete

OpenStack: Allow user access to tanent projects

Get mgmt user data
# get user ID and domain ID
MGMT_USER_ID=$(openstack user list --long -c ID -c Name -f value | grep | cut -d" " -f1)
echo ${MGMT_USER_ID}

# get projects
openstack project list --long | grep safyievOokEgavUtdytPeurmebKowEff

# get assignments
openstack role assignment list --user JekUvyeijHaDrithWianvestUtevLiUk --project e72c94c20b4d40e3b971bc510d536e87 --names

# get Domain name
openstack domain list | grep safyievOokEgavUtdytPeurmebKowEff

Search tanent data
# get user domain ID

OpenStack: Magnum

openstack coe service list
openstack stack list
openstack stack show d8a1c3af-7993-4493-91be-19cfce38a870
openstack coe cluster update k8s-cluster replace node_count=2

Configure deployment kolla-ansible
# cat /etc/kolla/config/magnum.conf
default_docker_volume_type = VT1

cluster_user_trust = True

#region_name = ch-zh1
region_name_for_services = RegionOne

# /etc/kolla/globals.yml
# magnum_tag: ""
enable_magnum: "yes"

Redeploy / Reconfigure container

OpenStack: application credentials

Create applications credentials
openstack application credential create admin --role admin --expiration $(date -I -d '+1 month')T23:59:59 -c id -c secret #-f value

Configure clouds.yml
# ~/.config/openstack/clouds.yaml
auth_type: "v3applicationcredential"
application_credential_id: "b9275fc5b3aadceeb407fbe941427425"
application_credential_secret: "HqfdfKk3q63xrnIZgdkizePfv1s27aYPBTrbiMKFNdrOU1JpdjfR0KSyomS4A01vSdxjkE9MzPuM4dVG7emWuA"

OpenStack: Image

Deaktivate image
IMAGE_NAME="Ubuntu 14.04"
openstack image list --status active --name "${IMAGE_NAME}" -c ID -f value | xargs openstack image set --deactivate --private
openstack image list --status active

List the images
openstack image list

Delete all images
for IMAGE in $(openstack image list -c ID -f value); do
openstack image set --unprotected ${IMAGE}
openstack image delete ${IMAGE}

Delete image
IMAGE_NAME="Ubuntu 16.04"
openstack image set --unprotected ${IMAGE_NAME}

OpenStack: Live migrate VM to another OpenStack hypervisor


# list all vms on a hypervisor
openstack server list --all --host ewos1-com51-prod

# get current hypervisor
openstack server show ${VM} -c OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:host -f value

# list avaiable hypervisors
openstack host list -c "Host Name" -c Service -f value | grep compute | cut -d" " -f1

# migrate VM
openstack server migrate ${VM} --live OS_COMPUTE_2

# get state
openstack server show ${VM} -c name -c OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:host -c status -f value | paste - - -

# Links

OpenStack: Octavia LoadBalancer (LBaaS)

Create Amphora image
sudo apt install -y python-pip git qemu qemu-utils debootstrap kpartx
sudo pip install diskimage-builder
git clone
cd octavia
sudo ./diskimage-create/ -d bionic -t raw
chmod a+r ./amphora-x64-haproxy.raw

Upload Amphora image
#openstack image create --container-format bare --disk-format qcow2 --private --file amphora-x64-haproxy.qcow2 --tag amphora amphora

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